The SCS Field Team

SCS  Employees adhere to the Company’s Cornerstone Principles:

  • Dedicated to Quality

  • Focused on Customer Satisfaction

  • Personal Accountability

  • Impeccable Integrity

SCS Strives to recruit and retain the very best craftsmen and support staff.  Fifty percent of our employees have been with our company for 10 or more years.  Nearly 80% of our team members have been with SCS for 5 or more years!

Very high employee retention
• 50% of employees with 10+ yrs experience with SCS
• 80% of employees with 5+ yrs experience with SCS

There is a reason SCS is able to field this remarkable force dedicated and dependable craft-people.  Only the top performers are retained.  Through personal recognition, incentive programs and training our employees are proud to work for SCS and we are proud to have them on our team.


Stringent training programs and human resource initiatives guarantee a safe working environment and a workforce that is qualified and eligible to meet any job site security expectations.  SCS’s long history of experience with secure work-sites ensures a workforce that will clear background investigations and adhere to any customer policy, procedure or requirement.

SCS Construction Services Cincinnati


Accountability:  Hold all employees accountable for their performance and actions.
Teamwork:  We expect employees to work together collectively to achieve the common goal.
Employee conduct:  We believe that carpenters, drywall finishers, and glaziers  are professionals, with specialized skill sets.  Employees are expected to follow rules of conduct with regard to dress, language, and interaction with others.
Rewards:  Employee recognition and incentive programs are used to foster business success.
Service:  We seek and retain employees who think and work beyond the general scope of their job responsibilities to accomplish client objectives.


SCS Construction Services Cincinnati SCS Construction Services Cincinnati



SCS Construction Services Cincinnati

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